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Different. Still, very similar.
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TFP OC: Lady Harmonia by TsukinoNekoHime
TFP OC: Lady Harmonia

Meet my new OC: Harmonia.

She was inspired by Galadriel in "Lord of the Rings" (I watched "The Hobbit" recently and when I saw her, I thought of making a character based on her)


Name: Lady Harmonia (harmonia means "harmony" in Portuguese)

Username: (?)

Age: Unknown. Is just know she is older than Megatron, Optimus and Ratchet.

Gender: Female / Femme

Alt-Mode: Jet cybetronian

Alliance: Neutral

Weapons: None.

Personality: Calm, wise, gentle, patient, fair, discreet a little antisocial

Like: Tranquillity. Nature. Celtic music.

Non-likes: wars, chaos, noise.

Weaknesses: Has fragile health. Therefore, it can not fly very long and / or distances for many hours. Has no weapon, then it may be an easy target for anyone who wants to harm her.

Strengths: Has very curious abilities like teleportation. Unfortunately this leaves her very tired, so can not use very often. But she also has a connection with the All Spark. And can predict the future.

"No matter what the world or the species... all have fear for what they do not understand."
"Even the most cruel and strong creatures are capable of loving."
"Not always the darkness means evil ... just as light does not always mean good."

History: The creator of Harmonia died from complications in childbirth. The sire it did not support the death Sparkmate and abandoned her. But she was found by Solus Prime, who created, among other 12 Primes, as a daughter. She has always been closer to Solus, Alpha Trion, Vector Prime, Micronus and Nexus. This created a precocious and very smart for her age femme.
Harmonia grew a wise femme . Many bots came to talk to her, or ask for advice. Megatronus and Orion Pax between them. Nevertheless, she has always been a lonely femme, preferring the company of animals to other bots.
She knew that the war would happen. When Cybertron fell into darkness, Lady Harmonia disappeared. Many believed that she had died, considering his frail health. But in fact she managed to escape and go to Earth, living hidden.




Unexpected Savior. by TsukinoNekoHime
Unexpected Savior.

This image is based on a story that was always in my head. Maybe someday I'll do a one-shot based on it.

If someone wants to do, you have my permission. Just give me the credits.

Miko / Songblade is captured by MECH.
When the Autobots will finally rescue her, are installations MECH destroyed and Megatron with Songblade unconscious in his arms.

He gives she the autobots leaving everyone completely confused.


The only problem with this image is the black part. I had to use the computer and was horrible! I tried. I swear I tried.

I finally write the fanfic! You can check over here:…

I want to let everybody know that in 20th day, I will travel. So for more or less 40 days, will not post anything or send news.

My parents and I will travel the south of France. We'll be back on October 2nd.

Pray that our plane will not fall. (I'm kidding Well ... maybe not so much.)

Still missing a few days for me to travel but ... bye! See you back! :iconbaibaiplz:


TsukinoNekoHime's Profile Picture
You can call me Hellen
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well, first, sorry for my english. Normally I prefer writing to speak, but as English is not my native language, I speak better than I write.

* I am a quiet girl. A bit lazy and very, very shy.

* I am the type that pays not to go to parties or places hectic and crowded. I'd rather stay at home, drawing, listening to music or watching movies.

* I'm left handed.

* Everyone thinks I'm younger than I look.

* I am an atheist. Be adults and accept that and I will accept their religions.

* I have a sister seven years older than me.

* I love the show Transformers Prime!

* I love the passion, manga. This is my style of drawing.

* I like movies romantic comedies, musicals and adventure. But it depends on the movie.

* I live in a small town in southern Brazil.

* My favorite colors are: Red, black, blue and silver.

Brazilian Stamp by helder, STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz , , Otaku stamp by Okami-Moony , I Draw Transformers stamp by Lady-Autobot17 , Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 , Listen - Stamp by JWiesner , I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate , Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX , Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine , Fantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146 , "Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-Stamps , I Hate Math by l8 , Shower by MaruLovesStamps , Happiness by MaruLovesStamps , I don't have formal education in art but... by ERA-7 , Stamp Teleport by TheSaltyMonster , Watch me stamp by ERA-7 , Can't stop deviantart-ing by prosaix , Lacking Ideas by fear-the-brilliance .

Stamp - Comics by AzraelleWormser <--Someone will say is a lie?

I Love Manga by NasikaSakura , Fanart stamp by katthekat , My Silent Night by yumi-honamaru , TF Girls stamp by Metallikato .
(This is so true)
Stamp: Transformers Prime by Araktugage , TFP Optimus stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Megatron stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Bumblebee stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Wheeljack stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Knockout stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Soundwave stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Smokescreen stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Dreadwing stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Shockwave stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Predaking stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Magnus stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Ratchet stamp by D-NightRain, TFP Bulkhead stamp by D-NightRain , TFP Breakdown stamp by D-NightRain, TFP Arcee Stamp by Aurora-Starlet , TFP Starscream stamp by D-NightRain <-- he is not my really fav character, but I don't hate him, either.
DAMN IT BULKHEAD by Frazero <-- Hilarious!
Awww look at Sari by Metallikato <-- I love her as a child and a teenager --> Sari Transform Stamp by cookiegirl14
FRIENDS Stamp by DJ88 <---I soo looove this show! Joeys weird eyecontact stamp by x-Acre-x
The Big Bang Theory Stamp 4 by Dekaff <--Very funny too!
Community Stamp by vagcat <-not that funny, but is ok.

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