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Different. Still, very similar.
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That's why, I went into a kind of "bet" with my parents, I have to be the shortest  time possibleon the computer. So if you do not see lot of me here in DeviantArt, do not worry, I'm fine.


Draw is my life!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well, first, sorry for my english. Normally I prefer writing to speak, but as English is not my native language, I speak better than I write.

* I am a quiet girl. A bit lazy and very, very shy.

* I am the type that pays not to go to parties or places hectic and crowded. I'd rather stay at home, drawing, listening to music or watching movies.

* I'm left handed.

* Everyone thinks I'm younger than I look.

* I am an atheist. Be adults and accept that and I will accept their religions.

* I have a sister seven years older than me.

* I love the show Transformers Prime!

* I love the passion, manga. This is my style of drawing.

* I like movies romantic comedies, musicals and adventure. But it depends on the movie.

* I live in a small town in southern Brazil.

* My favorite colors are: Red, black, blue and silver.

Brazilian Stamp by helder, STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz , , Otaku stamp by Okami-Moony , I Draw Transformers stamp by Lady-Autobot17 , Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 , Listen - Stamp by JWiesner , I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate , Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX , Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine , Fantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146 , 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps , I Hate Math by l8 , Shower by MaruLovesStamps , Happiness by MaruLovesStamps , :thumb292165563: , Stamp Teleport by TheSaltyMonster , Watch me stamp by ERA-7 , Can't stop deviantart-ing by prosaix , Lacking Ideas by fear-the-brilliance .

Stamp - Comics by AzraelleWormser <--Someone will say is a lie?

I Love Manga by NasikaSakura , Fanart stamp by katthekat , My Silent Night by yumi-honamaru , TF Girls stamp by Metallikato .
(This is so true)
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DAMN IT BULKHEAD by Frazero <-- Hilarious!
Awww look at Sari by Metallikato <-- I love her as a child and a teenager --> Sari Transform Stamp by cookiegirl14
<---I soo looove this show! Joeys weird eyecontact stamp by x-Acre-x
The Big Bang Theory Stamp 4 by Dekaff <--Very funny too!
Community Stamp by vagcat <-not that funny, but is ok.


Miko sighed as Ratchet spent his sensors for your body for the fourth time (or was the fifth?) In the last 15 minutes.  From her side, Optimus and Jack looked worried. Bulkhead holding her hand ... or is that now she should say now, her "servo"?

Yep!  An a amazing and quite inexplicably way, Miko Nakadai had become Cybertronian. She was coming home from school, when suddenly her body began to change.  Now, she was a femme with the same height as Bumblebee, with pink armor and black details. And had curious antennas that looked very much like her hair, which moved according to your mood (at the time, were down, giving small spasms).

Fortunately the street was deserted, or certainly already be in any TV channel. E Fowler não estaria nada feliz. And Fowler would not be happy at all.

"Are you sure you do not understand how this happened?" Ratchet asked.

"Ratchet, for the third time, no, I do not have a clue!" Groaned annoyed "You think if I knew I would not say?"

The doctor mumbled something and went back to the computers. “Eu não consigo entender! "I cannot understand!  If I did not know, I'd say you were a femme for the entire life! "

 "Great!" The former human yelled, holding his arms up in frustration "Okay I always wanted to be one of you guys, but this is ridiculous!"

"Do not worry, Miko. We will find an answer. And a solution. "Bulkhead guaranteed.

"I hope so. But ... in this time ... what I'll tell my host parents? "

00000000000000 00000000000000

It had been a week since Miko had become cybertronian. Despite the initial awkwardness, she was dealing well with her new body. For now, everyone was making excuses in school and hosts parents not to worry, but did not know how long it would last.

Now Miko, Arcee and Jack were driving along a highway, just wanting to enjoy the time.

 But suddenly, Miko braked sharply. “Miko? What's wrong? "Arcee asked.

"I- I'm not sure ..." stammered.  She felt strange, with a very strong heat, almost burning in your chest.  Even though it was not a good idea, Miko transform in your robot-mode.

“Miko!  What are you doing?! Anyone can come! "Jack shouted, fortunately the road was completely deserted, but even so, Arcee was watching.

"Leave me alone, Jack! Damn, that hurt! "Moaned.  Somehow the pain seemed familiar, but how?

Then she remembered;  was the moment that she turned into cybertronian.  But instead of feeling as if something was looking out through the pores of his skin, now was trying to get in!

 Slowly her helmet was separating wire to wire to form your hair again. Metal became skin and your height has returned to a normal human.

Miko stood, breathless but happy that the pain had finally passed.  "Finally it's over! I thought I would pass out from so much pain!" Snorted.  That's when she saw her hands were flesh and blood again. “YES! I turned human again! "

 That's when she saw that Arcee had transform to her robot-mode and looked at her with the eye-popping optical. Jack was looking at the road but not for her. "What's wrong?" Asked.

"Um ... Miko, your body is back to normal ... but your clothes did not transform with you." Arcee pointed.


"Wow, I never imagined that a human could scream so loud!" Arcee said as she massaged her aching audios. "I bet all Jasper heard."

"Are you okay, Miko?" Jack decided to ask.

"I seem to be OK?" She said crying, hiding behind a rock "I FINALLY CAME BACK TO NORMAL BUT ... NAKED! THAT'S SOME KIND OF PUNISHMENT OR EVIL JOKE ?! "

"Relax, Miko.  At least no one saw. "Jack tried to calm her. It did not help.

 "You saw, did you?" She asked, looking at him with such ferocity that he felt cold sweat. "No! Well ... maybe ... a little ..." he stammered, unable to lie.

"A LITTLE?! Come here I'll strangle you a little ..." she growled menacingly.

"Enough you two! I just call Ratchet, to activate a ground bridge for us to the base. "Arcee warned.


"There must be something that you can wear on base.  I'll be right back. "Jack said, through the land bridge, leaving Arcee and Miko waiting impatiently.

"All right, Miko.  I have good news and bad news. "He said to come back, holding something behind his back" The good news is that I found something that you can wear. "

"What a relief." She sighed "And what's the bad news?"

"The bad news is that ... I think you will not like that." said, opening the bag he was holding and showing what was inside;  was a dress whose top was white, with drawings of flowers in magenta color. The party was also magenta and was extremely puffy.  Arcee looked Miko was with wide eyes and open mouth and tried to hold the laughter.


"Miko, is a dress, not a coat made of Dalmatian puppies." He snorted. He admitted that the dress was a little ... well, it was not the kind that Miko would use, but needed all that hysterical?

"There's nothing more?  A blanket to cover me? Anything?" Begged almost tearful.

"Nothing. Whe had a blanket, but my mother took to wash the last time she came." He counted.

"I give up. Give me here." She sighed, reaching out to pick up the dress. Arcee and Jack were waiting for her. "How does this dress was in the base, anyway?" Miko asked.

"A friend of my mother was godmother to a wedding and this was the dress she wore. But by accident she made a small tear. It would send a seamstress, but my mother offered to fix it." He told "Last time, she took the dress to the base and finished sewing, but she forgot there. Para a sua sorte.” Luckily for you. "

"Yes, for my luck." She sighed. "I'm ready."

"Wow Miko!  You were good in that dress, looks like a princess! "

"One more joke and will be your last!"

"No joke, I’m serious ..."

"Listen you three! I cannot keep an open Ground Bridge forever! Will you come or need special invitation ?!" Ratchet shouted by Arcee communicators.

"We're going Ratchet.  And do not shout so loud, my audio sensors are very sensible right now." She said . "Come on."

"The worst will be that Ratchet will fall into laughter when you see me that way." Miko snorted discouraged.

"He will, but you get over it. Perhaps as revenge you can paint him the color pink or wakes him of recharge with your rock super heavyweight. "Jack suggested trying to animate her.

Um ... I like it ..." said with shining eyes "You know, I enjoyed my time as autobot, but it's good to be human again. I'm only worried about one thing ... "

"What is?" Asked

"If these strange transformations will not happen again."

"Miko, lightning never strikes twice in the same place. It is unlikely to happen the same thing to you twice. "

 It is, Jack? It is?

Aftermath and a Puffy Dress
I'm not very good with titles... that one will do.

That's a commission for :iconfanatic97: , it is a sequel for a comic I draw, where Miko sudlely transforms in to a femme. But I asked if I could make a fanfic and he said it was okay.

Sorry all the grammatical mistakes. 

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